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Console Login without MFA

Platform: AWS


  • Initial Access


Simulates a login to the AWS Console for an IAM user without multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Attacker Actions:

  • Logs into the AWS Console with a User that does not have MFA enabled.
  • Resulting event name: ConsoleLogin
  • Assigned IAM Permission: NOne

Workflow Inputs:


Clean Up:

None - no infrastructure modified

Execution Instructions

  • See User Guide for Execution Instructions via the Google Cloud Console
  • Programmatically execute this workflow with the following cli command:
gcloud workflows run aws-delete-cloudtrail-trail `--data={"user": "user01"}` 

Detection Artifacts

Using AWS ConsoleLogin event, the field additionalEventData.MFAUser is set to No when the IAM User did not use MFA to log into the console.

Refer to Stratus Red Team documentation for additional detailed detection artifacts produced by this attack technique.