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Open Ingress Port 22 on a Security Group

Platform: AWS


  • Exfiltration


Simulates an attacker loosening network restrictions to allow incoming SSH connections to an EC2 instance. This is done by creating an ingress rule in a Security Group on port 22 from the Internet (

Attacker Actions:

Attacker opens port 22 from the Internet ( by updating inbound rules to a VPC security group:
- Resulting event name: AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress
- Required IAM Permission: ec2:AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress

Workflow Inputs:

Specify which user this attack should run as.


Clean Up:

DeRF Default Execution User reverts ingress rule update, closing the open port.

Execution Instructions

  • See User Guide for Execution Instructions via the Google Cloud Console
  • Programmatically execute this workflow with the following cli command:
gcloud workflows run aws-ec2-launch-unusual-instances-srt `--data={"user": "user01"}` 

Detection Artifacts

The request parameters in the AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress AWS Event Name will reveal both the inbound allowed IP with the parameter cidrIp and the ports exposed, fromPort and toPort.

Refer to Stratus Red Team documentation for additional detailed detection artifacts produced by this attack technique.