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AWS Steal EC2 Instance Credentials

Platform: AWS


  • Credential Access


Simulates the theft of EC2 instance credentials from the Instance Metadata Service and the use of the stolen credentials outside AWS IP space.

Attacker Actions:

  • Attempts to SSM into EC2 instance with defined user. Once credentials are retrieved, the workflow then calls the API 'DescribeInstances' with the EC2 instance profile credentials from the proxy-app in Google CLoud (outside AWS IP space).
  • Resulting event name: DescribeInstances
  • Assigned IAM Permission: ec2:DescribeInstances

Workflow Inputs:

Specify which user this attack should run as.


Clean Up:


Execution Instructions

  • See User Guide for Execution Instructions via the Google Cloud Console
  • Programmatically execute this workflow with the following cli command:
gcloud workflows run aws-delete-cloudtrail-trail `--data={"user": "user01"}` 

Detection Artifacts

GuardDuty provides two findings to identify stolen EC2 instance credentials.

  • InstanceCredentialExfiltration.OutsideAWS identifies EC2 instance credentials used from outside an AWS account.
  • InstanceCredentialExfiltration.InsideAWS identifies EC2 instance credentials used from a different AWS account than the one of the EC2 instance.

See also: Known detection bypasses.